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17/08/2017 Sovicell recruiting application scientist. 22/03/20173B Pharmaceuticals and Sovicell introduce a novel service offering for plasma protein binding analysis

Science & Technology


  • The binding of advanced glycation end products to cell surfaces can be measured using bead-reconstituted cellular membrane proteins.
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  • ADME related profiling in 96 and 384 well plate format- A novel and robust HT-assay for the determination of lipophilicity and serum albumin binding.
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  • From Early Drug Discovery to Clinical Trials
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  • Just Married – in vitro and in silico ADME Prediction
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  • Role of lipophilicity and protein binding in ADME prediction
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  • Characterization of advanced glycation end products: Mass changes in correlation to side chain modifications.
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  • Lipophilicity- beyond octanol/water: a comparison of modern technologies
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  • Multilamellar liposomes and solid-supported lipid membranes (TRANSIL): Screening of lipid-water partitioning towards a high-throughput scale
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  • Polymer Cushions in Supported Phospholipid Bilayers Reduce Significantly the Frictional Drag between Bilayer and Solid Surface
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  • Solid-Supported Biomolecules on Modified Silica Surfaces – A tool for fast physicochemical characterization and High-Throughput Screening
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  • Solid-Supported Lipid Membranes as a Tool for Determination of Membrane Affinity: High-Througput Screening of a Physicochemical Parameter
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  • A Physiological Model for the Estimation of the Fraction Dose Absorbed in Humans
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  • Physiology-based pharmacokinetic modelling: ready to be used
    Schmitt W. and Willmann S.
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  • High-Throughput Determination of the Free Fraction of Drugs strongly Bound to Plasma Proteins
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  • Boriss H (2010) Brain Availability is the Key Parameter for Optimizing Permeability of CNS Drugs. Drug Discovery 7:57-60.
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  • Read KD, Braggio S (2010) Assesing brain free fraction in early drug discovery. Expert Opin. Drug Metab. Toxicol. 6(3):337-344
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